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Use your imagination wisely

If you’re telling yourself a story, it’s easy to let it burn like wildfire and swallow up the entire landscape of your life. Make sure you’re using your imagination wisely…

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How To Measure A Day

Productivity and to-do lists have their place. But they’re no way to measure a life. I present for your consideration, a list of 11 more meaningful ways to measure our days…

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A prayer for creativity.

Whisper to me. Let me be still enough to hear you. Make me fluent in the language of whims and inklings. Flip my switches. Light me up with bolts of inspiration.

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Let your heart lead the way.

Wake up uninspired, unmotivated, overwhelmed or in a downright funk? You’re probably stuck in your head. Shake it off with one question: How can I be of service today?

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