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Discover Your Gateway Meditation

I want to make it super easy for you to get your meditation habit started, so I’ve created five guided audio meditations as a companion to the book. Use the worksheet on page 123 of the book to take notes as you discover your Gateway Meditation.



Prefer to download the guided meditations straight to your device? Buy the tracks on iTunes.



Printable Worksheets

Don’t want to write in your book (I know, it’s a bit pretty, isn’t it?) Want to do the worksheets with a friend? Feel free to download printable versions of all of the worksheets below.



Worksheet: Mental Inventory

Get Sit Done

Get Sit Done Meditation Cheat Sheet


Worksheet: Discover Your Gateway Meditation


Worksheet: A Map To What Matters Most - Part 1


Worksheet: A Map To What Matters Most - Part 2


Worksheet: Meditation Rx

Meditation RX

Your Meditation Rx Printable



Social Shares

If social accountability helps you stay on track share your goals in a public place like Facebook or Instagram and then regularly post your progress. Sccop up some shareable graphics below!




Friends In High Places

Speaking of being social… there are lots of us getting Heavily Meditated on the regular. So you’ve already got friends in high places.


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