The Hope Dealer: The Book

Get a hit of soulful inspiration every day.

The Hope Dealer is a treasure trove of soulful straight-talk designed to light you up from the inside out. Delivered with author Caitlin Cady’s signature wit, warmth and wisdom, each of the 101 messages will up the ante on your day, help you tune in to your highest self and plug in to your full potential.

Use this book for a daily dose of guidance and inspiration. Choose a page by chance or close your eyes, reflect on a question or situation you’d like to shed a little light on and let your fingertips lead you to today’s message. Set fire to limiting beliefs, reframe resistance, say sayonara to self-doubt and peace-out perfectionism while building self-trust, integrity, resilience, courage, compassion and confidence.

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The Hope Dealer, The Book

I believe inspiration has the power to change us.

Inspiration sustains us, excites us and empowers us to think, feel and act in new ways. It helps us to see things differently, to open our imagination to new possibilities.

My intention is that these words inspire you to set fire to limiting beliefs, reframe resistance and rejection, and say sayonara to self-doubt and perfectionism while building intuition, resilience, courage and compassion. The messages are intended to help you reconnect with a sense of positivity and self-trust, so that you can tune into your highest, most hopeful self. Every. Single. Day. No matter what comes your way.

Pick a page and get a hit of inspiration for your day...

A dpage from The Hope Dealer book
A dpage from The Hope Dealer book
a ritual for daily inspiration

I invite you to use this book as a tool for daily ritual. Here are three ways you might like to weave this book into a regular ritual for a daily dose of guidance and inspiration. After meditation is an ideal time to pick up this book, no matter which method you choose!

  • Get a hit of inspiration for your day: You might mentally say to yourself, ‘Please show me a message that will serve me well today.’ With that intention in your heart, let your fingertips intuitively lead you to the perfect page for your day.
  • Seek guidance: With a specific question held in your heart, run your fingers along the pages of the book until you feel called to pause, fan the book open and place your finger on a page or simply let the book fall open to a page. 
  • Take it as it comes: Another approach is to read the messages in the sequence they are presented in the book, taking in one message each day for 101 days. This is an effortless and elegant way to receive inspiration day by day.

No matter which way you pick a page, know that there is no wrong way. Simply trust in yourself and be open to a sense of divine timing. Resonant symbols, serendipitous signs and meaningful messages present themselves when we simply pay attention.

Get a hit of soulful inspiration every day.

AUStralia / New Zealand
What readers are saying...

Absolutely loved it! So easy to read and lots of inspiring/eye-opening information to take on board. For anyone looking for a funny, light-hearted way to learn about meditation and add it into your daily routine, here’s the perfect place to start. I want to buy a copy for everyone I know.

verified reviewer

Caitlin’s book, Heavily Meditated is full of soulful, straight-talking advice on how to transform your life with meditation.

Melissa Ambrosini,
Bestselling author & speaker

As someone who has practiced meditation for over 10 years, but struggled to truly enjoy it, Caitlin has managed to breathe life back into my practice.  Heavily Meditated and Caitlin Cady give meditation some serious street cred’ and ensure you’re enjoying the ride rather than dreading it.

Jordanna Levin,
Author of Make It Happen
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