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Your phone is frontin’

Nothing good can come of you checking your phone first thing. Nothing. Think about it. When was the last time you cracked into your phone first thing in the morning and felt super jazzed about what you saw?

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My Creative Checklist

n a practical sense….how do we invite and invoke more creativity and inspiration into our every days lives? I present to you a short-list of my most used practices for invoking and inviting creativity.

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The Power Of Presence

Where is your allegiance? To your past, your future, or the present? Your answer speaks volumes about the quality of your life. If we’re tethered to the past, we’re stuck in regret…

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Get sit done.

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to be still and quiet? Why you resist sitting in meditation, spending time by yourself, leaving your phone in another room, or driving without a podcast playing?

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A visual display of the contents of the Ujjayi Breath Offering: The Guidebook and a explanatory video

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A visual display of the contents of the Morning Ritual bundle: The Morning Ritual Guidebook, the High-Vibe Day Planner, and a morning meditation

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