7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Body & Mind

Here in Australia, the official start of Spring is only weeks away and I’ve already been busting out some of my go-to Spring cleaning rituals. Here’s a list of some of my essential wellness rituals for Spring. Note: all of these are wonderful tools to use anytime you want to reset your body and mind, not just Spring.

Drink this first thing

Sip on very warm water laced with fresh grated ginger and lemon juice first thing in the morning to kickstart your body’s natural detoxification systems. Water is hydrating (obvi) and when it’s nice and warm, it draws circulation into the belly which gets digestion off to a great start. Ginger is excellent for firing up digestion and lemon is detoxifying and alkalizing. That all adds up to happy organs, a smiling immune system, and a metabolism that purrs. Be sure to keep it warm, not cold, and not boiling hot. If the water is too hot, the lemon’s enzymes and vitamins are likely to be destroyed. If the water is cold, the digestive benefits are disrupted. Warm lemon water is just right, Goldilocks. Optional: add a little raw honey that has digestion-boosting enzymes. Hot tip: if you’re including lemon, try to sip it through a straw to avoid damaging the enamel on your pearly whites.

Dry-Brush Your Body

Dry-brushing is an amazing way to increase circulation and stimulate the lymph. This video is helpful in explaining why dry brushing is worthy of becoming part of your daily ritual and how to do it. I brush right before the bath, shower, or sauna and it takes about 60 seconds. It is so enlivening and energizing, and so simple and easy to do! My go-to oils at the moment are grapefruit or Living Libations Verve Tonic. It makes my cells sing!

Bounce To Give Yourself a Boost

On a related note, my other major lymph-loving activity is rebounding. A rebounder is a high-quality fitness trampoline and getting one has changed my life! I love it. Rebounding is an excellent way to flush the lymph, detoxify the body, improve balance and proprioception, and burn fat (apparently rebounding burns more fat than running.) Plus, it is so damn fun! I have had a Jumpsport rebounder for years and it is still going strong! If you don’t have a rebounder, no worries. Try a simple qi-gong shaking and bouncing technique. This is something I absolutely love doing. Here is a good basic video introduction to the practice.

Sweat It Out

Infrared Sauna is one of my favourite self-care practices, and it’s a great way to create a cleansing sweat for your body. If you’re new to infrared saunas, theyuse infrared elements which penetrate more deeply than traditional saunas which rely on warmed air from stoves or heaters. This means that you can get a more serious sweat on at a lower temp. Some of the reported benefits of infrared sauna include increased circulation, decreased inflammation, enhanced detoxification and positive improvements for those with heart disease and chronic pain. But beyond all that it just feels really good to cut off contact with the outside world, sit in a cosy, dimly lit space and sweat. It’s also actually one of my favourite spots for a catch up with girlfriends.

There’s something about a sauna that naturally creates a container for vulnerability, processing, downloading. It’s sort of a holistic detox for mind, body and soul. And that makes infrared saunas well worth becoming part of your weekly or monthly self-care ritual, especially in Spring time!

Give Your Digestion a Rest

I’m personally not a fan of juice cleanses or extended fasting. It seems to do more harm than good for me. I feel awful, I basically lose my personality, and frankly, a restrictive approach to food really isn’t healthy for me as someone who recovered from an eating disorder. However, when I feel I need a little reset, an Ayurvedic-inspired cleanse is just the ticket. Jasmine Helmsley has a great, free program with recipes you can sign up for and follow for free. Essentially, the focus is on simple, easy-to-digest foods, which gives the digestive system a much-needed break. And it goes without saying that gut health and good digestion seem to be the key to good overall health, so getting things back on track in your gut can give your whole body a boost. I like to do protocol anytime I feel like my digestion is off or I’ve overindulged, or at the transition between seasons, Spring especially! Whether I do the cleanse for one day or for three, I’m always glad I did it.

Weed & Seed Your Mind

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your gut! This is the perfect time to weed your mental garden and make space to sow new seeds. Journaling and meditation make great companions when it comes to creating clarity. If that sounds like it would be right up your alley, try the “Journaling: Make Space” practice in Heavily Meditated App (you can find it in the Write It Out vibe category!) “The Clean Sweep” is another meditation-only practice that is perfect for creating a sense of clarity (find it in the Clear & Focused Vibe category!) You can try the app for free for 14-days. This is a great time to create a new meditation habit – or recommit to your practice!

If you want to go a little deeper, I’m hosting a Spring Forward workshop, and would love you to join. It’s a mix of gentle movement, journaling, breathwork and meditation. All levels are welcome and I’d love to see you there. If you can’t attend live, access to the recording will be available for 30 days. Save your spot here.

Declutter Your Space

So now you’ve given your digestion and mental space a little cleanse, ready to Spring clean your space? If you haven’t read The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo it is a simple and inspiring way to lighten your physical, emotional, and cognitive load, and change the way you see “things” forever.

I hope these Spring Wellness rituals inspire you to create some clarity and fresh feels for the season ahead! I would love to see you at the Spring Forward Workshop in September – grab a ticket here and meet me on the mat!

About the author
Caitlin Cady sitting on the beach at dusk and smiling softly at the camera

Caitlin Cady is an author, meditation teacher, and mama of three, on a mission to help you tune into your highest self and live to your full potential.

With certifications in Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Somatic Stress Release, Caitlin’s work has been featured in Women’s Health, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Real Living and her positive perspectives and relatable, playful approach have inspired people across the globe to start living to their full potential.

Signed, Caitlin
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A visual display of the contents of the Morning Ritual bundle: The Morning Ritual Guidebook, the High-Vibe Day Planner, and a morning meditation

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Power up with your free Morning Ritual Guide,
guided meditations & 7-day planner.