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Meditation Mix-Tape Volume One

A meditation mix-tape to get you high on life! Includes 8 guided meditations to help you move through life with more calm, deepened presence, enhanced clarity and creativity, and of course...more joy (f*ck yeah!)

Why A Mix-tape:

Your vibe (and your window of time) varies from day to day. Having a variety of meditations to choose from means you can tune into to exactly what you need for the day. 

What's In The Mix:

  • Awake + Alive Body Scan Meditation | 14 minutes | A meditation to tune into your body's aliveness, ground yourself and honour and trust your body and it's wisdom. 
  • Sky Like Mind Meditation | 13 minutes | A meditation for presence, clarity, and the bliss of spaciousness. Use visualization to train yourself in the art of observing emotions, sensations, and challenges with the expansive neutrality of a sky-like-mind.
  • Pure Presence Meditation | 14 minutes | The breath and body are our built-in portals for presence. Tune into your breath and sensations in your body as a way of activating pure presence so that you can give more to each moment of your day and experience the bliss of being in the here and now.
  • Quick Stress Reset Meditation | 9 minutes | Your emergency tool-kit for those times when you're ODing on stress or overwhelm. Use specific breathing techniques to bring the Parasympathetic Nervous System online. Dissolve overwhelm, stop stress in its tracks, and calm the f^ck down.
  • Chakra Chimes Meditation7 minutes | Calm the nervous system to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue as you drop into Theta brain waves, allowing your innate inner healing resources and creativity to be more easily accessed and used by the body and mind.
  • Beautifully Balanced Meditation | 10 minutes | Using a powerful combination of breathing techniques and visualization, this meditation balances the brain and harmonizes the whole system. Invoke calm, clarity, stability and poise and invite a sense of integration in your body, mind and spirit.
  • 15 Minute Magic Morning Meditation | 15 minutes | The perfect way to start your day. Raise your vibration and gather your focus so you can start your day with presence and clarity. Tune into your deepest desire for the day and set an intention that supports it. Be guided through a simple gratitude ritual.
  • 7 Minute Magic Morning Meditation | 7 minutes | A shorter version of the Magic Morning Meditation - ideal for those who want to start the day intentionally but are short on time (or patience!)

NOTE: this album was previously titled "Caitlin Cady Meditations Vol. 1

The technical details:

Instant download, yours to keep, enjoy on any device! Simply pop your headphones in and tap into high vibes anywhere you are.

Hot tip: download these files to your computer, then import the files to your devices from there. 

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