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7 Essentials For A Better Night's Sleep

I don’t know about you, but sleep is pretty much at the top of my to-do list everyday. I literally engineer my life around sleeping well. In this article I'm sharing my 7 favourite sleep tools, tips and hacks. 

The Best Non-Tox Deodorants

I like to get sweaty. But I don't like to stink. That being said, I'm also pretty passionate about what I put on my pits. Why? Your skin is your body's largest organ and it soaks up whatever you put on it.  Find out why you should go non-tox for your deodorant and which brands work best. 

An Ancient Postpartum Practice For Modern Mamas

Almost every traditional culture in the world has protocols around the first 40 days after childbirth - also known as the fourth trimester. Rest, nourishment and restoration are the orders of the day. Keep your body warm. Bond with your baby. Find out why this ancient practice is absolutely priceless for modern mamas.

Why Self-Care Is Sacred

The words “self love” and “self care” sound a bit…limp. Less than inspiring. Boring even. Like…oh great, another “thing” I need to do. AMIRIGHT? But here’s my hack. Add the word “sacred” as a prefix and suddenly, I’m more interested. Sacred Self-Care sounds like something I can get down with....

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Why You Should Burn Beeswax Candles (Only.)

Yeah, I’m for real. All candles are not created equal. In fact, unless it’s 100% pure beeswax, your candle could actually be killing your vibe  and  undercutting your health. Read on to find out what to look for in a candle and why choosing the right one is essential to not only your health but also to your vibe...

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Colouring Mandala by Amy Louise Southorn

Download and print this beautiful hand drawn GOOD VIBES mandala made by Amy Louise Southorn. Colouring makes mindfulness super accessible and it's a way of integrating mindfulness into your life that might feel less intimidating than sitting in stillness for 20 minutes. Even if you're a devout meditator, colouring can be a super fun way of inserting more moments of mindfulness into your day.

Download the Colouring Mandala by Amy Louise Southorn


Supercharged Hot Chocolate

My secret to supercharged mornings. A rich, lush and delicious hot chocolate packed with nutrient-rich ingredients and adaptogens. 

Get the Supercharged Hot Chocolate Recipe

Açaí Sundae Bowl Recipe

In a breakfast slump? You can breathe açaí of relief. I've got an anti-oxidant packed antidote to the brekkie blues - the Açaí Sundae Bowl. This smoothie bowl is on heavy rotation in my kitchen and for good reason. Not only is it quick and easy to make, it's also nutrient rich and super satisfying.

Get the Açaí Sundae Bowl Recipe

Chia Pudding Recipe

If you haven't been living under a rock (or for my American homies, under a Chia Pet) for the last few years then you've probably heard of chia. Chia was a staple crop among both ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures, with the Aztecs purportedly hashtagging it #morevaluablethangold. This pudding recipe is as easy as it is delicious.

Get the Chia Pudding Recipe

Good Vibes Green Smoothie Recipe

This is my go-to green smoothie that I make pretty much every morning. It's fresh, clean and will have your cells singing for more! The Good Vibes Green Smoothie recipe blends banana, pear and apple with a mix of greens and even some celery, parsley and cilantro if you're game!

Get the Good Vibes Green Smoothie Recipe

Coco-Nutty Green Smoothie Recipe

We call this the training wheels smoothie. Why? Because it's a great gateway greenie for those of us who need a little something sweet to help them ease into having a glass of greens first thing. Quick, easy and a crowd-pleaser, definitely worth having in your smoothie rotation.

Get the Coco-Nutty Green Smoothie Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Slice Recipe

As far as I'm concerned, peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven. And anybody that says otherwise...well, YOU CRAZY. For this Chocolate Peanut Butter Slice, I've taken out the weird hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, adulterated cocoa powder and other funky ingredients and used pure, natural ingredients in their stead. Think coconut oil, raw cacao powder, cacao butter, natural unsweetened peanut butter, maple syrup and a dash of the superfood maca powder.

Get the Chocolate Peanut Butter Slice Recipe

Chocolate Amazeballs Recipe

Hands up, who gets a l'il bit hangry from time to time? That space between meals where you don't know what to reach for - when your next meal is hours away and your stomach is eating itself. Yeah, I feel you. And I have the answer to your snack-time prayers. My Chocolate Amazeballs are protein-packed, handy little snacks that basically taste like a brownie. For reals. Hence the name. Amazeballs.

Download the Chocolate Amazeballs Recipe

How To Make Your Own Almond Milk

With the right equipment, making your own nut milk is a cinch and it's well worth the extra effort. For chai, chia pudding, chocolate avocado smoothies or pouring over your favourite breakfast bowl, I reckon that homemade nut milk is the bomb diggity. Follow this step by step recipe and make your own super nutritious nut milk.

Download the How To Make Your Own Almond Milk Recipe

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