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I'm known for being a bit...chatty. Grab a cup of tea and jump in on some juicy convos below, along with guest posts and magazine articles I've written...

Little Yarrow Interview: Nurtured Motherhood

" I was blessed with healthy pregnancies and I’m definitely one of those women who really enjoy pregnancy. I loved it, all three times. Not to say that pregnancy doesn’t have it’s moments of discomfort (morning sickness and round ligament pain, anyone?) but I really soaked up every moment of pregnancy and relished it. For me, the challenges came with childbirth..."   READ ON


Wallflower Diaries Interview: Healing And Self-Discovery Through Curiosity

"I’m intensely curious – I feel like it’s the driving force in my life actually. Curiosity is what stirs our soul, prompts us to ask questions, sends us seeking for answers. Curiosity has made me a student of life. If you’re truly, deeply, insatiably curious you are always WILLING. Willing to try something new, willing to get on a plane, willing to take a hard look at yourself or your habits. Willing to experiment. Willing to ask questions, willing to explore, willing to be wrong. Curiosity is honestly the greatest gift...." READ ON


Lindy Lawler Interview: On Sacred Spaces

"In the coastal, sunlit town of Byron Bay on New South Wales’ east coast, lives Caitlin Cady Nowland – mama, meditator, wellness whiz, and writer. I was intrigued by Caitlin’s devotion to sharing meditation wisdom and holistic wellbeing, and noticed a profound sense of ritual and support from the surrounding women in her life. I spoke with her about her sacred practices..." READ ON


Mitera Collection Guest Post: Raising My Vibrations...And My Kids

"H ow to raise your vibration…and your kids at the same time? The key to establishing a meditation practice that sticks comes down to one simple thing. Attitude. What we think about our meditation practice is more important than the practical when, where, and how-to of meditation. The lens through which we view our efforts matters immensely so I’ve outlined three simple attitude adjustments that have helped me establish a daily meditation practice that has immeasurably improved the quality of my life - and my ability to mother well..." READ ON


Australian Yoga Journal article: Embodied Equanimity

"In a culture that's preoccupied with physical appearances, we're taught to see our bodies as a separate entity - hunks of meat to be manipulated, controlled, coaxed and whittled to a prescribed shape and size. The focus is on how we look rather than how we feel. So we learn to forfeit the connection to our body in the pursuit of an outward, superficial goal..." READ ON


Passion Yoga School Goddess Rising Series

"The Goddess Rising series is our opportunity to connect with amazing women from around the world who are part of the wellness, health and personal development community. This week, we are so happy to have Caitlin..." READ ON


Australian Yoga Journal Mother's Day Gift Guide

"Mother, yogi and wellbeing whizz, Caitlin Nowland shares her ultimate Mother's Day wish list in the May issue of Australian Yoga Journal." READ ON


The Inspired Table

"It's been drilled into us for years that for exercise to be truly impactful it needs to be hardcore! If you're not sweating, panting and close to exhaustion then you're just not trying hard to enough." READ ON


Macon Moves Podcast

"American expat turned Aussie serial-entrepreneur starts holistic health brand; continues to grow incredible head of hair... This episode covers an intensely vulnerable evolution of how Caitlin found her way; eating disorders, Lyme disease, antidepressants; breaking achievement addiction; introducing a mind-body connection; and wanting better for the next generation. To name a few. Plus liberal and frequent reminders we should all be meditating, the word 'spanda', a nude scene, an invitation to join the party... and more!" READ ON


Reclaiming Strength

"I have only recently discovered the gorgeous girls from Wabi-Sabi Well and have been diving into all the goodness that you can find on their website. Today I am bringing you my interview with Caitlin Nowland, one half of the beauty and brains behind this revolutionary mixture of yoga, meditation and personal training. I wanted to share Caitlin's story with you as I love how raw and honest she is with sharing her own personal journey of self-healing with her body. We both hope you enjoy it as well. So let's dive in..." READ ON 



I'm always struck by Caitlin's wide and varied knowledge in relation to women's health and wellbeing and her generosity in sharing this information with us all. She is an intelligent, articulate and compassionate leader who embodies what she teaches and practices what she preaches!    She also has a wicked sense of  humour, and let's face it, we all need more laughter in our lives! -  Kate Reed, The Sister Circles

From the moment I met  Caitlin  I felt instantly comfortable in her vibrant but chilled presence. This super Mumma creates goodness wherever she goes with her contagiously positive and open energy. She’s a whiz with all things communication, business and writing and is also enthusiastically delightful to collaborate/work with.    -   Jessica Humphries, Editor Australian Yoga Journal

"When I first met Caitlin, I instantly fell in love with her...not just because she was  incredible  beautiful inside and out (oh and that amazing hair!) but how she interacts with life. Caitlin is my go-to woman for anything health and wellness (as well as creative ideas) as she is a guru in all of the above. If you're looking for a real, down to earth and hilariously funny woman as a mentor or role model Caitlin is your girl.”  -   Tara Shields, Kinesiologist

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