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Heavily Meditated™

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I believe that meditation is medicine. A regular meditation practice helped me bounce back from a decade long battle with Lyme Disease and unravel years of disordered eating, depression and anxiety. Meditation helped me calm the f*ck down.  I said sayonara to the spin-cycles of stress and anxiety. I parted ways with perfectionism and that persistent, paralysing fear of failure. In turn, my  nervous system got a reboot and my immune system reset itself. Want some concrete evidence? There’s not a trace of Lyme Disease in my blood.  Starting to get the picture about why I'm so obsessed with meditation? Yeah. It's literally been life-changing. 


Beyond being healthier, meditation has made compassion, calm, creativity, resilience and stability my new normal. Which beats the hell out of living in a constant state of stress and anxiety!  Meditation has also become a tool for exploring the edges of my potential. I want to be the highest version of myself. Meditation helps me do that. And I believe it can help you do that, too.

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Tips, Articles & More 

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