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Morning Ritual + High-Vibe Day Planner

Your guide to creating good mornings and designing better days! 

Morning is a powerful, potent time that’s positively full of possibility. It’s the ultimate fresh start. An opportunity to set the tone for your entire day. But are you making the most of it?

Design Better Days

For many among us, we start our days more by accident than on purpose. We wake up and blearily paw around for our phones, eager to reconnect and see what we’ve missed (and consequently, find out what the Stress Du Jour will be.) We get swept up in anxiety, worry and negativity before we have the chance to lay a good foundation for our day.

And as Annie Dillard put it, "how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." So let's design better days. 

Your Formula For A Fresh Start

But how? I know it can be overwhelming to try and piece together a comprehensive morning plan. So I've done it for you. 

A truly useful Morning Ritual is more than self-care and spirituality. It also needs to take practicalities into account. Like your to-do list. So we'll cover that too! 

This is truly your complete kit with everything you need to design better days and create a life of purpose, positivity and high vibes. 

The Morning Ritual is comprised of powerful priming practices and practical processes that will help you:

  • Balance your brain, harmonise your nervous system, and harness energy
  • Set the emotional and psychological tone for your day
  • Gather focus and start your day with presence and clarity
  • Cultivate compassion for yourself and others
  • Pump up the jam on happiness through a simple but effective gratitude practice
  • Tune into your deepest desire for the day and set intentions that support it
  • Get clear about the day’s priorities so you can move the dial on the things that matter most
  • Raise your vibrations and get a dose of inspiration 

Short on time?

No worries, you can do the whole ritual in as little as 10 minutes start to finish. Or stretch it out on days when you have more time. It's a ritual that's flexible enough to fit into your changing schedule. 

What's included:

  • Beautiful sixteen page  step-by-step Morning  Ritual Guide outlining your powerful two-part ritual. Start with Priming Practices to balance the brain and harmonise the nervous system, generate your state, and cultivate compassion. Next, it's time to Design Your Day using my six-step template.
  • Your stylin' High-Vibe Day Planner - seven days of printable planners to create a week of magic. The perfect companion to your ritual.  

What are you waiting for? Let's start today. This is your invitation to start fresh and live with more positivity and purpose. 

The technical details:

Instant download, yours to keep, enjoy on any device! 

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