My Creative Checklist

n a practical sense….how do we invite and invoke more creativity and inspiration into our every days lives? I present to you a short-list of my most used practices for invoking and inviting creativity.

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Balance is bullshit.

What’s with our obsession with “balance?” The fabricated and fictitious “work/life balance.” The mythical “motherhood/career woman” balance…

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How to say No.

This week we’re making friends with “No.” Here are a couple of strategies I’ve used with success to cut my Yes addiction off at the knees and flex that No muscle like a boss.

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Are you addicted to saying Yes?

If you’re anything like me, the line between being of service and being a people pleaser can be…blurry. Looking after other people can become tangled up with your sense of self.

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The Power Of Presence

Where is your allegiance? To your past, your future, or the present? Your answer speaks volumes about the quality of your life. If we’re tethered to the past, we’re stuck in regret…

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Get sit done.

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to be still and quiet? Why you resist sitting in meditation, spending time by yourself, leaving your phone in another room, or driving without a podcast playing?

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Be sovereign in your skin.

There’s a lot of talk these days about lip injections and airbrushed asses. I gots to say it… WOMAN, you are not some frozen still life meant to be stared at like a specimen in an air-conditioned room.

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No pleasure, no treasure.

Pain is not our only teacher. Pleasure (of the wholesome variety) can also light our way and offer meaningful clues. Pleasure teaches us how to surrender. How to move with trust. No pain no gain? I say no pleasure, no treasure.

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Recipe: Supercharged Hot Chocolate

I’m sharing my secret to supercharged mornings! My favourite hot chocolate. This hot chocolate is a rich, lush and delicious treat. And it’s also supercharged with nourishing ingredients and amazing adaptogens.

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I’m all for a strong work ethic, passion and motivation. But I’ve ditched the pursuit of perfection and the glorification of “hustle.” I’m proudly anti-hustle and pro-flow. Here’s why.

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