You don’t need a plan.

I have great news. You don’t have to know what you want to “do with your life.” Or who you’re going to be “when you grow up.” Here’s why.

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Are you apologising unnecessarily?

Excessive apologising seems harmless enough. We think it makes us seem “nice” or “likeable.” But it’s wasteful and destructive. Here’s why. Plus a list of things you don’t need to apologise for.

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Respect and protect your boundaries

Having boundaries doesn’t mean being an asshole. Boundaries are, in essence, about self-respect. Boundaries require you to value yourself enough to respect and protect your inner resources…

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Use your imagination wisely

If you’re telling yourself a story, it’s easy to let it burn like wildfire and swallow up the entire landscape of your life. Make sure you’re using your imagination wisely…

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Is Self-Doubt Drowning Your Dreams?

Self-doubt is the voice of fear. It’s the culprit that keeps us small. The voice that says we shouldn’t, couldn’t, or can’t do the things that move us toward our full potential. Is it drowning out your dreams?

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How To Measure A Day

Productivity and to-do lists have their place. But they’re no way to measure a life. I present for your consideration, a list of 11 more meaningful ways to measure our days…

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A prayer for creativity.

Whisper to me. Let me be still enough to hear you. Make me fluent in the language of whims and inklings. Flip my switches. Light me up with bolts of inspiration.

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Celebrate common ground.

No doubt, there are plenty of things to take a stand against these days. I’m all for opinions and using your voice, but sometimes we disagree as a reflex and respond without even listening.

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Let your heart lead the way.

Wake up uninspired, unmotivated, overwhelmed or in a downright funk? You’re probably stuck in your head. Shake it off with one question: How can I be of service today?

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Shift happens

We get hung up on wanting to be in a perpetual state of expansion, but that’s not how it works, folks. Linear growth is a myth. The evolution of anything isn’t a smooth bell curve. It’s a pulse, a wave, a heartbeat…

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Your phone is frontin’

Nothing good can come of you checking your phone first thing. Nothing. Think about it. When was the last time you cracked into your phone first thing in the morning and felt super jazzed about what you saw?

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Let it be an experiment.

Here’s a recipe for a predictable life: Play it safe. Stick to the rules. Hang close to what’s been tried and tested. Insist on particular outcomes. Deem all other conclusions a failure. Or. Let it be an experiment…

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