Author: Caitlin Cady

Love freely, live freely.

Ever been caught in between “Justice” and “Forgiveness”? That space where you’re wedged in between staying resentful / frustrated / angry and on the other side…

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Magic Morning Guided Meditation

Sometimes I do it in bed. Sometimes I do it in the bath. I’ve done it in the car. I’ve done it on the beach, in the back of a taxi, on top of a mountain, in hotel rooms, waiting rooms, or squished into a seat on an airplane.

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Colouring For Mindfulness

Have you wondered what’s up with all the grownups grabbing crayons and coloured pencils and setting to work on colouring books lately? It’s very en vogue and it’s not as silly as it might seem.

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5 more reasons to meditate

I’ve already shared 5 reasons I think meditation is worthy of a daily date, but there is just so much gold in the meditation goodie bag that I couldn’t resist sharing 5 more reasons with you.

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Recipe: Chocolate Amazeballs

Hands up, who gets a l’il bit hangry from time to time? That space between meals where you don’t know what to reach for – when your next meal is hours away and your stomach is eating itself.

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Recipe: Chia Pudding

If you haven’t been living under a rock (or – shout out to my Americanos in the house – under a Chia Pet) for the last few years then you’ve probably heard of chia.

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5 reasons to meditate

Want to have healthier relationship with others? Meditate. Want to look and feel younger? Meditate. Want to strengthen your immune system? Meditate. Want to lose weight? Meditate…

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